6 Non-Profits to Donate to This Valentine’s Day

As I grow older, the more I start to dislike Valentine’s Day. I can’t say I don’t mind the discounted candy, though. But, I have my anniversary, holidays, and birthdays all at once and I hate spending extra money on useless little gifts like stuffed animals. I know my boyfriend doesn’t care about these anymore than the little gifts I give him throughout the year. Usually, I make him a cute card for Valentine’s Day and write him a cute note. This year, I decided it would be better to donate to a non-profit instead. We both chose the ones we wanted to donate to and did this instead of giving into the corporate holiday (lol). It’s a great way to spread love to those who truly need it. 🙂

To quickly share, you can also send a Valentine’s Day card to children in St. Judes! Just click the link here. It’s free!


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1. Girls Write Now

Girls Write Now is a program that mentors diverse groups of girls and undeserved young women to find their voices within writing and the community. Here’s their mission statement: “Girls Write Now mentors underserved young women to find their voices through the power of writing and community.”

By pairing young women with professional ones, they’re giving girls lifelong mentors that’ll help guide them and get them closer to their future goals. To quote their website, “Girls Write Now serves a culturally and educationally diverse community of mentees — 90% girls of color, 70% immigrant or first generation, 25% LGBT/non-conforming; and 90% high need.”

If you live nearby, consider becoming a mentor! If not, you can always donate HERE.

Learn more: https://www.girlswritenow.org/

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2. The Trevor Project: Saving Young LGBTQ+ Lives

I have a deep love for the Trevor Project because I know how hard their volunteers work and how incredibly important this project is. The Trevor Project was created shortly after the short film, TREVOR, was released in 1998. Their mission is to “…end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning young people.” They provide 24/7 support to those in need, crisis counseling, offer resources, advocate for laws and policies to reduce the suicide rate of LGBT+ and educate those on how to prevent suicide and the signs. They have lifelines, chat rooms, and spaces for LGBT+ people dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts.

To truly see the importance of the Trevor Project, here’s a super entertaining video by the Try Guys about what it takes to work there.

You can volunteer or donate here.

download3. Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. is a program that strives to make every girl’s life better by mentoring, supporting, and guiding girls in a pro-girl environment. Girls can learn leadership skills, gain confidence, and discover their strengths through Girls Inc. Girls Inc. is so, so much more than a volunteer program. They have endless resources on Girls’ issues, they advocate for policies to support girls. They speak out about sexual violence and girls who’ve experienced trauma. They do so much for women and it’s so inspiring.

This Valentine’s day, I’ll be donating to Girls inc. You can join me here. You can also volunteer!

Learn more: https://girlsinc.org


Image result for action against hunger4. Action Against Hunger

“About 821 million people go to bed hungry every night, and one in three children in low- and middle-income countries suffers from chronic undernutrition.” Action Against Hunger was created in order to fix that. They strive to end world hunger and malnutrition.

Here’s a statement from their website: “We save the lives of children and their families. We are there for them before and after disaster strikes. We enable people to provide for themselves, see their children grow up strong, and for whole communities to prosper. We constantly search for more effective solutions, while sharing our knowledge and expertise with the world. We push for long-term change. We will never give up. Until the world is free from hunger.”

You can click here to donate.

To learn more: https://www.actionagainsthunger.org/


Image result for aclu5. ACLU

ACLU stands for the American Civil Liberties Union. You might’ve seen them in the news or heard about them in conversation, especially this past year. “For nearly 100 years, the ACLU has been our nation’s guardian of liberty, working in courts, legislatures, and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and the laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country.”

Through law, the ACLU protects those in need whether it’s the LGBT+ community or immigrants facing unjustified treatment.

To donate, click here.

To learn more, click here!



6. Room to Read

Let’s keep things literary. Room to Read is an organization that prioritizing education in low-income communities. Of course, this starts with literacy! From their website, “Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and governments, we develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.”

You can learn more about it here.

To donate or volunteer, click here.


If you don’t see an organization that you truly want to donate to, you can always find more by subject online like this. Make this Valentine’s day gift count. 




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