Review Requests


I am currently OPEN to review requests but NOT TAKING any independently published or unpublished books. Keep in mind that any requests that make it clear that you have NOT read my review policy/list of acceptable review requests will most likely be ignored.

Genres I Read

  • I’ll read anything Young Adult that ISN’T a mystery or thriller.
  • YA Fantasy
  • YA Coming of Age
  • YA Contemporary
  • Non-Fiction
  • Fiction

Genres I  Won’t Read

  • Mystery
  • Thrillers
  • Horror

Formats I’ll Accept

  • ARC physical copies
  • Finished editions
  • E-Books

**I accept e-books but you’re 100% more likely to get a review out of me if you send me a physical copy.**

Physical copies also allow me to promote your book through my social media with pictures, videos, etc. This is why I often prefer physical copies.

Where should I contact you with my review request?

Contact me through my email: I’m usually reliable when it comes to replies and I’ll tend to reply within the same week you’ve sent it!


Please note I will ignore review requests sent to me in DMs or on Goodreads. This is unprofessional and I don’t keep up to date with my messages in these places. You’re 10x more likely to receive a response through e-mail.

Finally, what should you include in your email?

– your name

– where I can contact you

– the title of your book, a brief description, and genre

– release date/publisher



I truly enjoy reading books and reviewing them so don’t hesitate to email me! Just respect my preferences in reading and reviewing while doing so. 🙂