Map of the Soul: Persona RAMBLE

It’s comeback time! The new BTS album Map of the Soul: Persona is out and I couldn’t be more excited. I just started getting into BTS this year and was so excited for this release. It’s all I’ve been listening to lately and I’ve definitely watched the Boy with Luv music video 100 times. I decided I would talk about each song on the album individually so let’s get into it!

There’s seven songs and each one is perfection. I’m going to go in order, though!

  1. Intro : Persona

NAMJOON! Namjoon used to be my bias but honestly, it’s changed recently. Don’t tell him. This is such a strong rap opening for this album and I loved the teaser video they released for this song. It was kind of reminiscent of Skool Luv Affair but AH, Namjoon’s rapping in this is my favorite. The meaning is also so important.

My favorite lines:

“Actually I’m real good but a little uncomfortable
I’m still not so sure if I’m a dog or a pig or what else
But then other people come out and put the pearl necklace on me”

In this line, it’s said he’s talking about a statement made by Korea’s Ministry of Education’s policy bureau, Na Hyang-wook. “He claimed that 99% of South Korea’s people could be treated “like dogs and pigs” because they had no ability to move up in the world, therefore were simply being fed and kept alive. “

“The three syllables of my name and the word ‘but’ that should come before any of those”

If you’re not aware, he’s talking about the phrase “But, Namjoon” which became popular in the K-POP community to cover up what other K-POP artists have done by bringing up things Namjoon has done/said years ago.


2. Boy with Luv (ft. Halsey)

I can’t tell you the amount of times I streamed this music video and didn’t get tired of this song. I’m not a huge fan of Halsey’s newer music but I love her as an individual and think her voice matches this song perfectly. It’s not a strange collab — it sounds perfect. This is totally going to be one of my summer bops. I’m also so excited for locals to fall in love with this song and hopefully, BTS too. It’s been getting radio plays which is so exciting!

My favorite line:

“You’re the star that turns ordinaries into extraordinaries”


3. Mikrokosmos

This song is really, really cute. It totally would make me feel better whenever I’m sad. I’m glad they have a slower song on this album that I can cry to whenever I’m sad. Unfortunately, I don’t listen to this song as much as the rest of the album. But, it’s still a bop. This tweet sums up my feelings about this song:

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 10.08.24 PM


4. Make It Right

As of right now, this is one of my favorite songs on the album. I think this could play on the radio and do just as well (if not better) than any song of the current charts. I didn’t realize this was the song that Ed Sheeran worked with them on until after I had been listening to it over and over again. Now that I know, this sounds so much like an Ed Sheeran song except it’s better and done by BTS. They sound ANGELIC in this song and I love it so much.

My favorite lyrics:

“I know the sea without you is the same as a desert”

“This eternal night with no end in sight
It’s you who gifted me the morning”


5. HOME 

Listen, I LOVE this song. It’s in my top 3 (We’ll rank later) and I dance it to it everytime I hear it. Both J-Hope and Suga’s raps are so, so good. I hope people don’t sleep on this song because it’s the best. WITH YOU I’MMA FEEL RICH! is my favorite part if we’re being honest. This song kind of gives me 90s vibes and I’m not mad. While writing this, I forgot that this song is LITERALLY them calling Armys home. I CAN’T.

My favorite lyrics:

“Even if we have what I wanted in my dreams
Big house, big cars, big rings
The unfamiliar feeling of missing something as
Someone who has accomplished everything
But I go for the door since I have something to”



6. Jamais Vu

Wow, bilingual kings! I just want to fangirl but since this is a blog post, I’m going to try to be a little bit more serious but *~* i’m obsessed *~*

For those who don’t know, Jamais Vu is the opposite of Deja Vu. It’s “a sense of eeriness and the observer’s impression of seeing the situation for the first time, despite rationally knowing that they have been in the situation before”

This song displays their best vocals and the most beautiful lyrics, in my opinion. It’s such a special song and I’m so glad it’s included in this album. AGAIN, I love it so much. Also, J-Hope’s english and his rap in this. Ugh, king.

My favorite lyrics:

“A remedy, a melody
A memory that will be left just for me
If I stop right now
If I just turn it off, will all will be more comfortable?”


7. Dionysus

This is basically everyone’s favorite song right now but I don’t know?? It’s not my favorite but of course, it’s not bad. It’s still a bop. As Jin says, live like Dionysus! I love the lyrics of this song, they’re so clever. J-hope also owns this song. that’s all I have to say



  1. Make it Right
  2. Home
  3. Persona
  4. Boy With Luv
  5. Jamais Vu
  6. Dionysus
  7. Mikrokosmos


Again, I love this entire album. I bought the physical copy and it’s literally art. All the songs on this album are brilliant and you could bop to any of them. All the raps on this album slap and I’m so proud of my boys. Time to break more records!


One last thing before I go, stream the Boy with Luv music video. K, thanks.